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WPC 2018
27/11/2018 25 years of Microsoft technology told to Italian companies

Also this year we will have the honor and pleasure of participating in WPC, one of the largest Italian technical conferences, which for 25 years has been an unmissable event for updating on Microsoft technologies.

Organized by Overnet Education, our training partner throughout Italy, WPC is closely linked to the story of Blexin and our CEO, who tells it this way.

“I met WPC in 2008, together with Marco, a dear friend with whom I had recently participated in the Community Days 2008 organized by UgiDotNet and AspItalia at the then Microsoft headquarters in Segrate, which we pleasantly called Segrattle, as a reminder of distant Seattle. return we decided that the time had come to invest in our knowledge and skills and bring them to our region, which then led to the birth of DotNetCampania, the first Microsoft user group in Campania awarded several times as community of the year, and the MVP award with the ensuing first trip to Seattle to meet Microsoft’s development teams I was a freelancer at the time and decided to make an investment in myself by attending WPC at my own expense, where there were many speakers I met right at Community Days. From listening to those great professionals, who are still part of the Overnet and WPC family today, the desire to become a speaker was born. Giorgio Garcia-Agreda, at the time director of Overnet and speaker of WPC, I had my first session as co-speaker at WPC 2009, where I talked about development for Dynamic CRM. An incredible emotion that I still carry in my heart and mind. In the following years, WPC was an unmissable event, and when Blexin was born in 2013, the partnership with Overnet was natural. At that point we became part of the WPC organizational team, as a speaker, creating the website and contributing to the graphics of the event.”

If you are interested in containerization or would like to do so, there will be two technical sessions held by two team members.

Wednesday 28 in the Red Room, at 5.15 pm, Antonio will talk to us about Continuous Delivery for Containerized Applications, or how to create a delivery pipeline using Azure DevOps and the best practices for creating, deploying and testing your own containers on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS ).

Thursday 29 in the Sala Rossa at 13.45, Michele will hold a talk on Asp.Net Core and Angular in production with Docker and Kubernetes, where he will tell us, with the practical approach that distinguishes him, how to exploit Docker and Kubernetes to develop and deploy on premise or in the cloud your Angular and Asp.Net Core solutions.

You will also find us at the Blexin stand with the whole team, where we can greet each other if we already know each other, or get to know each other if it is the first time we meet. In any case we will be happy to welcome you to talk about technology and the future and tell you how we do the work we love.

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