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Hello Azure DevOps
20/02/2019 A smarter planning, a better collaboration and a faster distribution with a modern set of services for the development

Modern applications are more and more complex, it became impossible to manage their life cycle manually, and the probability of human error is high. DevOps practices, which put together the development and the releases world, are a great help, because they permit to define well structured processes, that we can easily automate.

In this context, Microsoft boasts a great experience, that is provides to us with Azure DevOps, through the Cloud platform. The idea was to organize in Napoli, our city, in cooperation with DotNetCampania and Microsoft, a stage of the Tour Hello Azure DevOps.

The date is fixed for February 20th at 2.30 PM at Re.Work in Centro direzionale di Napoli, Is. E2, which is also Blexin registered office. In this occasion, the Blexin team will hold two sessione:

  • 4:00 PM – From development to production with Docker and Kubernetes – Michele Aponte    
  • 6:05 PM – Deploying & Scaling containers with Azure DevOps & Kubernetes – Antonio Liccardi

For detailed information and for free registration, consult below link:

You can’t miss it!DEVOPS