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Geek Fest 2019
20/03/2019 Let’s meet on March 20th at Geek Fest 2019, where we will speak about Angular and Testing with Azure DevOps

After Benevento and Saronno, we come back to Napoli with the Geek Fest 2019: our CEO Michele Aponte will speak about performance improvements and best practices in Angular, and our IT/Mobile Solution Specialist Antonio Liccardi will talk about advanced testing with Azure DevOps:

  • Angular in production: best practices and performance improvements – Speaker: Michele Aponte
    • Angular doesn’t need introduction: it is already the standard de facto to realize front end of business applications. But, once the application developed, it needs to be put into production, and then our technical choices will make the difference, both in terms of maintenance service, and of performance. In this session we wll see together how to make the right choice and how it is important to know how the framework works behind the curtains, in order to optimize our code.
  • Testing with Azure DevOps– Speaker: Antonio Liccardi
    • Today best practices in coding are becoming the standard. More and more development teams are acquiring habits during their developments such as TDD and BDD. Despite that, some development teams still need years to learn. In this session, we will explore how Azure DevOps can speed up this process.

You can’t miss it!