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From dev to prod with Docker, K8S and Azure
26/06/2019 Deploy our application to production with Docker and Kubernetes on Microsoft Cloud

In the nowadays cloud era, the question everyone asks is which vendor to choose and at what cost you can risk making a wrong choice. And if you want to start from on-premise and then migrating to the cloud, the cost can be even higher.

Choosing Docker for containerization and Kubernetes as an orchestrator gives you the peace of mind that you can make these choices by reducing the technical debt as much as possible, since the main Cloud vendors provide a Kubernetes cluster that is easily manageable and scalable.

On Wednesday 26th Giugno, at Re.Work in Centro Direzionale di Napoli our CEO Michele Aponte will show us how to deploy an application in Azure using AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) and what specific vendor implementation details should be taken into consideration

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