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DevDay Benevento
09/03/2019 Angular in production: Best Practices and Performance Improvements

The personal history of our CEO and the Blexin’s history are both strictly linked to community, sharing and “territory identity” concepts. DotNetCampania and DevDay exactly represent this sense of belonging, the need to give back something to your territory, in return for the spirit with which it raises you up. We go on with the commitment to support enterprises also with the active participation in a free technical event dedicated to the technical and cultural divulgation on Campania’s territory.

This time, we will be in Benevento at DevDay to talk about Angular and how to use it in production scenarios, analyzing best practices to grant a good manutention activity of applications we wrote, and to take maximum advantage of performances this framework can offer us.

The date is fixed for Saturday March 9th at Istituto Tecnico Industriale “G. B. Bosco Lucarelli”, viale San Lorenzo in Benevento city. You can find all information at this link


You can’t miss it!