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Agile O’Day 2019
11/06/2019 Agile methodologies arrive in Napoli with a day of technical sessions and talks about this great world

The market continuous changes, supported by a digital technology in continue evolution, are pushing organizations to reinvent themselves adopting a solution mix , that allow to answer to the Continuous Deliver mantra, without forgetting to give value to the most precious resources: Persons.

In this scenario, Agile is finding new spaces and new declensions, that may cause also deep considerations, with no need to modify bearing Values.

Agile ‘O Day 2019 would like to open a window on all these perspectives and look beyond, illustrating new frontiers of Agile, Lean and DevOps adoption, and the new cultural mindset, that is changing modern organizations.

The date is fixed for June 21st at ‘Università Federico II di Napoli in Piazzale Tecchio, where at 11.00AM our IT/Mobile Specialist Antonio Liccardi will hold a session on Deploy & Scaling of a Microservices Architecture. You can find all information at following link:

You can’t miss it!